“Having suffered for years with IBS, I became frustrated with traditional medications that offered no relief to the uncomfortable symptoms. With Acupuncture and Chinese medicine being new to me I was a bit nervous at first, but I immediately became at ease with Elisa. She explained everything to me in a way that I could understand, and made me feel completely comfortable. After a short time my aggravating symptoms diminished and my overall being is relaxed and peaceful. With regular treatments and the support of high quality herbs, I feel absolutely amazing!! Thank You Elisa! You are a truly gifted Acupuncturist and a natural healer!”

– M.B.

 “I first met Elisa at the Pacific College Of Acupuncture Clinic. She was assisting the intern who was in charge of treating me. Her kindness and compassion really stood out – she displayed such genuine interest in my case even though she wasn’t directly involved in the “needling.” Of course I sought her out when she became an intern at the clinic and I was really impressed by her diagnostic skills, and her treatments were powerful. When Elisa became a licensed Acupuncturist and started her own practice, I was thrilled. She could really do her own thing, and it was apparent – I feel incredibly balanced after her treatments in a way I have never felt before. She is very sensitive to subtle energies and emotions of the patient – I can’t imagine how she does it! She is a gentle yet firm spirit!”

 – J.K.

“Elisa is not only knowledgeable, professional and a holistic healer…But kind, understanding and has a genuine care for understanding all human beings. She has cured my migraines and helped me achieve what my regular physicians thought I could not without prescription medicine…a regular menstrual cycle. Elisa has given me beneficial nutritional advice to control my acne breakouts, stress levels and improved my overall quality of life! I highly recommend Elisa to anyone seeking a professional acupuncturist or looking to explore alternative health options.”

– C.M.

“After seeing Elisa Hirsch-Cotter for treatment I noticed an immediate difference in my well being. After just a few sessions the cravings that led me to overeat are gone and I have subsequently lost weight. I’ve noticed a reduction in hot flashes, digestion issues and insomnia. I feel completely supported by Elisa and her treatment goes beyond the application of acupuncture, which she does so well that I enjoy the bliss of what feels like a full body massage all day long. She has created a beautiful healing space and her calm and nurturing demeanor makes treatment day my favorite day of the week.”


“After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and having difficulty getting pregnant, I wanted to try an alternative approach to help get my digestion back on -track and to by-pass fertility drugs. Upon meeting Elisa, I instantly felt comfortable with speaking with her and I was very impressed with her immense knowledge of Celiac Disease and infertility. I loved the way I felt after each treatment and I appreciated how Elisa checked-in on me after my sessions. I am happy to say that today my Celiac Disease is under control and I’m even happier to say that I am now a mommy to a baby girl. Thank you Elisa, I truly believe that I could not have entered the world of motherhood without your help!”

– K.P